Your Storefront Awaits

Everything You Need In One Place

We could spend the next 45mins trying to explain how we do what we do… OR we could just show you! 

Your Storefront

The storefront acts as a standalone marketplace for your products and our customers to connect. We designed this store to not only showcase your products, but help your customers find more information about you. 

Product Management

Under your sellers dashboard > products tab, you’ll find all your currently listed items. Within each item you’ll notice a (Edit, Delete, View)

Adding Products and Product Types

Ready to start adding products? This is about as easy as it gets. Title, description, category, pictures and a price.

What are product types? A product type is just how you want to sell your item. 

Simple Product: The product is sold on the bunker and the amount is held until the item tracking shows delivered. 

External: The item is listed on the bunker, but the buy now button send the customer to the sellers main website to checkout/ complete the order.

Top Products of the Day...

Every month millions of shoppers search the BUNKER trying to find the hottest sales, deals, etc…